[scilab-Users] Error 241

Cecilia Zanni-Merk cecilia.zanni-merk at insa-strasbourg.fr
Wed Dec 2 20:40:58 CET 2009

Dear François,

You will find attached a print screen of the error when my student tries 
to execute a script through the Scilab window File menu ?

In my previous mail, it was explained that she is under Vista SP2

and of course, it is the last version of Scilab, 5.1.1*

She is the administrator of her machine, so, she has all the 
permissions.  More than that, personnally i have checked permissions in 
a particular folder where we have tested.

Hope all this helps.

Thanks again for your help


François Vogel a écrit :
> Cecilia Zanni-Merk said on 30/11/2009 11:04:
>> One of my students has encountered Error 241.  She is not able to 
>> execute a Scilab script file if she has saved it before. She needs to 
>> modified a saved file (even by just adding a blank space) to be able 
>> to execute it.
> Your report is not precise enough.
> First of all please show the exact error message (copy/paste).
> What is your Scilab version?
> What is the underlying OS?
> How do you execute the file? Is it through exec() in command line, or 
> through Scipad, through the Scilab window File menu, or what?
> Where is the file saved? Are you sure the required permissions are set 
> for the file in question?
> And so on.
> Francois

Cecilia Zanni-Merk
LGeCo - INSA de Strasbourg
24 Bd de la Victoire
67084 Strasbourg - France
Phone: +33 3 88 14 47 00 (4864)

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